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Connecting Harpenden

Objectives of the Organisation

A local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) came across a local elderly resident who was uncared for and in a great need of support. Keen to make a difference the Officer undertook to find out what support was available for the individual but soon came up against a major issue – where do you start to find out what is available locally? From this case the idea for the ‘Connecting Harpenden’ website was formed.

Created by a group of representatives from local charities, supported by the Harpenden Trust & the locality budget of County Councillor Teresa Heritage, “Connecting Harpenden” aims to provide a local community signpost to all the services, clubs & societies and public services that are available to all local Harpenden residents. It might be that a family member, friend or new neighbour has come to live in the area and needs to find out what is available or that your circumstances have changed and you need to find out what support is available to help, “Connecting Harpenden” is the place to find that information.

“The aim is to provide a single place where you can not only find specific information but where you can learn about all the opportunities & support that are available and so act as an initial port of call for those seeking information about Harpenden".  

For more information about Connecting Harpenden, visit our website: www.connectingharpenden.org.uk

Volunteers Required
Contact Details

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at info@connectingharpenden.org.uk