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A-T Society

Objectives of the Organisation

Based at Thrales End, Harpenden, the AT Society is a charity founded by a local family nearly 30 years ago.

Ataxia Telangiectasia (AT) is a rare genetic, degenerative condition which causes increasingly severe disability and reduces life expectancy to an average age of 25. Currently there is no cure and limited treatment options.

The AT Society is the only charity in the UK offering information and support for families living with the daily challenges of AT.

Our Family Support Team works closely with families to make sure their needs are met for healthcare, social care, equipment, housing, education, transport and mental health.

Our mission is to enable people with AT make the most of their lives and fund research projects to develop new treatments and ultimately find a cure.

Volunteers Required

We would love to hear from volunteers who would like to help with various roles at local fundraising events such as setting up, selling and checking tickets at the door, serving drinks, selling raffle tickets, running an AT information stall, delivering leaflets and collections in the local community. Admin support with mailings would also be welcome. 

Contact Details

Sally Milligan, Event and Community Partnerships Fundraising Manager


Phone:01582 760733

Website: www.atsociety.org.uk

AT Society

Unit 54, Thrales End Business Centre

Thrales End Lane