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Thinking of becoming a Volunteer in Harpenden but not sure of how to go about it?

Lots of people of all ages and interests want to help but find the process a little bit daunting. Who can I help? What experience do I need? How do I make contact?  Will I enjoy the work?

Questions like these are all important in the quest to find whats best for you and the charity you want to help. Thats why this service has been established here in Harpenden with the backing of over 20 local charities.  These voluntary organisations cover a wide spectrum of activity offering volunteers the opportunity to use many different skills in varying locations with flexible hours and seasonal or regular opportunities to suit your availability.

How your help can make a difference

All our participating organisations are listed on our web site with details of how they operate and who they need to help them. Information is updated frequently with news of their events and campaigns. All to give you an idea of how your help can make a difference serving the community.

How to use the site

Simple click here and you will go to the listing page where the participating organisations give details of what they do and what opportunities are available. Have a read about the ones that you think you would like to work with and then make contact as directed.

If you are not sure what organisation you would like to volunteer for complete this form and interested organisations will contact you.


Volunteering supports your community; it can also help to:

    Keep you fit
    Help you make friends
    Help you learn new skills
    Gain confidence
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Volunteering made easy

Now you can save time and effort by approaching us to find a solution to becoming a volunteer. Just use our web site to explore all the exciting opportunities.

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If you love Harpenden, then why not join the Harpenden Society

The Harpenden Society are launching a membership drive to encourage local people to get involved and support them in their efforts to keep Harpenden a wonderful place to live and work. The Society promotes and encourages a range local activities and initiatives from public meetings and community events to supporting our High Street and lobbying the local council.

They publish a quarterly newsletter and have an active web site.

If you want to be informed about the important issues affecting life in Harpenden then you need to be a member.

Joining is easy and inexpensive, (£15 family). Click here to join.

The Harpenden Trust

Looking for part time voluntary work in a fun shop?

Theres always a need for help in the Rennie Grove shop on Bowers Parade.  Interested?

Then just pop in and see the manager.

Rennie Grove Hospice Care

The Human Milk Foundation charity in Harpenden supplies donor human milk to sick premature babies in hospital neonatal intensive care units across England & Wales through The Hearts Milk Bank. The charity is based at Rothamsted Institute and were the Harpenden Town Council Mayor’s Charity in 2021.

Much like donated blood, donor human milk can be life-saving. Premature babies are very vulnerable and at risk of serious complications due to their immature immune systems. A condition called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) kills more babies each year than childhood leukaemia. Human milk helps prevent this condition, so if a baby is born early and mum is unable to produce her own milk, donor milk acts like a medicine to protect the baby. It is still sadly the case that donor milk has to be rationed due to lack of funding, meaning not every baby who could benefit can have access to this life-saving service. The Human Milk Foundation charity was set up to address this inequality - our mission is to scale up and grow The Hearts Milk Bank so more donor milk can be pasteurised and sent out to help more babies and save tiny lives.

There’s a short video here which shows more about our work: https://youtu.be/YVXgQ5hOZ4Y

The charity's current Treasurer is coming to the end of his three year term and as such we are looking for a new Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees (this is a volunteer role). A role description can be found by clicking here.

The charity also has a number of other volunteering roles that are available so it would be great to be able to connect with local individuals who might like to get involved.

To contact the Human Milk Foundation please click here