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Harpenden Village Rotary Club

Objectives of the Organisation
Harpenden Village Rotary Club’s 40+ members, men and women, meet on Wednesday evenings most weeks, discussing plans, listening to interesting speakers or getting out on a visit. They also have strong links with local schools and work with The Prince’s Trust in helping struggling young people make something of their life.

The club is one of 32,000 worldwide belonging to Rotary International whose members help when disasters like earthquakes and floods occur across the world, reponding quickly with survival kits like ShelterBoxes. As these items are handled by local Rotarians we are confident they are reaching the people who desparately need them.

Since 1988 Rotary International has worked with the World Health Organisation, national agencies and, more recently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to eradicate the killer disease, polio, from the world. In October 2019 Rotary and its partners announced that wild poliovirus type 3 had been certified eradicated worldwide. This achievement means that two of the three wild polio strains have now been wiped out. More recently, the World Health Organisation certified Africa as wild-polio free.
Volunteers / Members Required
Club members’ diverse skills and experence are used in giving help, along with a number of other organisations, to Rotary in Harpenden, the charity that organises and runs community events in Harpenden and surrounding villages.

Several of the charity’s events aim at helping yougsters make the most of their potential. Others, such as the Harpenden Quiz of Quizzes and the flagship event, Classics on the Common, raise substantial funds for local, children’s, national and international charities.

New members and volunteers are always welcome.
Contact Details
e-mail the club secretary: