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Harpenden Spotlight on Africa pursues sustainable long-term development to help transform the lives of some of the poorest people in Africa.


Founded in 2007, HSoA is committed to creating links between communities in the UK and Africa through charitable projects relating to education, health, clean water, and income generation. We work together with an experienced Ugandan team to ensure a lasting difference is made to the lives of people in desperate need.

SOA Uganda works in the slum communities around Mbale in Eastern Uganda, helping families displaced by generations of conflict throughout the region.


Harpenden Spotlight on Africa is a partnership between a team of volunteers in the UK with responsibility for community links, fundraising, strategic oversight and financial management, and our sister organisation Spotlight on Africa Uganda Foundation, delivering our projects in the Mbale region of Eastern Uganda.

SoA Uganda Foundation is led by experienced local development workers with deep roots in their communities, and excellent working relationships, both with local government at all levels and with other small local and international NGOs.

Our costs are extraordinarily low; UK costs, primarily audit fees, will represent less than 5% of funds raised in the current year, and our team in Uganda works for salaries that are adequate by local standards but a pittance in UK terms, ensuring that your donations get right to the spot.  Our close cooperation with local communities and authorities then maximises value for money on the ground, improving people's lives day by day and pound by pound.


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For more information, please email   enquiries@hsoa.org.uk

Website  http://www.hsoa.org.uk

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