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Computer Friendly
Computer Friendly
Objectives of the Organisation
Computer Friendly is a training organisation funded and managed by the charity ‘Computer Friendly St Albans’ registered no. 1096433. The prime objectives of the charity are to assist anyone in St Albans and District, including disadvantaged and excluded people, in gaining computer skills. These people could include the retired, unemployed or disabled from diverse groups.
Volunteers Required
Enjoy surfing the Internet and using your iPad or laptop?
Would you like to help others enjoy it as well?
Why not come and help us to show people how to do it?
Computer Friendly is a non-profit organisation staffed with a team of 40 + friendly volunteer trainers who help adults learn how to use iPads, laptops, the Internet in a less formal, hands-on way.

We run about 60 courses a year in Harpenden and St Albans ranging from ‘Computers for Beginners’ and iPad Internet and Email’ for people who have just acquired a laptop or iPad, building up how to set it up and manage it, to courses on hobbies such as ‘Family History using the Internet’ and ‘Digital Photography’.

You don’t need to be an expert to help on many of our courses, and we can help fill in any gaps you may have to help with the courses.

Computer Friendly has vacancies for Volunteers in the St Albans area:

Drop-in sessions - These are held every Monday morning 10:00 -1:00 at Fleetville Community Centre on Royal Road, St Albans. If you are technically oriented and like a challenge then this volunteering opportunity is for you. Our customers come into the Centre with every sort of computer problem that you can imagine and some that you cannot! You don’t have to be an expert in everything as you will join our team. Your skills may be Windows, Android tablets, phones or iPads, just contact us for an informal discussion.

iPad Tutor - We have a vacancy for a Tutor to help teach our iPad courses. They are called ‘Starting Off with iPads’ and Getting More from iPads’. We will start you off by helping on one of our courses and if you are comfortable, we will give you the opportunity to lead a course with your own helper. Experience of standing up in front of a small group, and patience with absolute beginners is important. Please contact us as below.

Social Media Course - We have vacancies for Tutors and Helpers for our Social Media course. The aim of this course is to introduce students to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp and show how to share updates and photos, connect and interact with friends and others online. We cover handheld computers such as iPad or Android Tablet, or even an iPhone or smart phone. If you feel reasonably adept at some of these, then please apply to be either a tutor or a helper to the number below.

Please email for a volunteer application form to you can visit our website

HR Manager

Computer Friendly a volunteer-run charity is looking to find a proactive, self-motivated, organised person to manage the Volunteers for the charity in the St Albans district. The main functions of this unpaid role are to work with the trustees and the course administrator, to ensure that Computer Friendly’s 40+ volunteers are properly managed. The work will involve:

Generating appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of the organisation of Computer Friendly in terms of the numbers and skills of tutors and helpers that are required to carry out the courses and Drop-in Centres.

Ensuring that the vacancies are advertised in local media.

Interviewing and recruiting volunteers while making sure references are both obtained and checked.

Keeping in touch with the volunteers to know their availability and any desires for helping.

Working with Local Organisations such as Community 1st for advice or info on volunteer policies and procedures, recruitment and source of referrals.

Ensuring there is appropriate support, induction and training for volunteers; (Community 1st) training available and UK on-line grants available for volunteer training) so that recruits are appropriately matched and trained for a position.

Organising/Attending profile-raising events to attract new volunteers. Promoting volunteering for Computer Friendly in the community.

Monitoring, supporting, & motivating volunteers and their work. Collating courses assessment forms and providing reports as appropriate.

Organising volunteer social/thank you events, newsletters.

Offering advice and information to volunteers through face-to-face, telephone and email contact. Understand the volunteer’s skills and availability to help

Attending committees and meetings.

Keeping up to date with legislation and policy related to volunteering and making any necessary modifications to accommodate changes.

Setting up new and maintain volunteer records

Organising shared learning between volunteers to promote best practice
Interested? - Contact John Talbot on 07785 365 367 for an informal chat
Contact Details
Why not call us to see what it involves, on 0203 239 1559 or email us at

Alternatively  download the Volunteer form from our website (Get Involved/Volunteer) and send it to us.
We are looking forward to meeting you!