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Breakaway For Carers
Breakaway For Carers
Objectives of the Organisation
Breakaway for Carers is a free service. It enables people who look after a dependent adult to have a break by arranging for a volunteer to take over for a few hours.

Breakaway for Carers volunteers provide companionship for older or disabled people while you go shopping, enjoy time with friends or family or have a couple of hours to yourself. They are fully trained and vetted by Health and Community Services and have experience of looking after older or disabled people or people who are confused or have dementia.

Volunteers do not undertake personal care, although they will escort people to and from the toilet. They are not able to give medication or do any lifting or housework, but will make snacks and drinks.

We follow the county council’s codes of practice and are covered by its public liability insurance.

Volunteers Required
The service is flexible so you can arrange your volunteering around your work or family commitments. Many volunteers work between one and four hours a week. You can give as little as a couple of hours a month or even volunteer for one off activities and you can decide the number of hours you can spare on a particular day.

We will give you full training and ongoing support.

Visit the Breakaway for Carers pages at to find out more about being a volunteer and register online.
Contact Details
If you would like more information about Breakaway for Carers please contact:

Phone: 01442 454280
Fax: 01442 454290

Breakaway for Carers
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